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The Names included on Ships Crew Lists held at Lancashire Archives

In 2017-18 members of LFHHS worked with Lancashire Archives, Friends of Lancashire Archives and other volunteers to transcribe and index all the names and some other details of the seamen listed on Crew Lists for ships registered at the ports of Fleetwood, Lancaster and Preston between the years of 1863 and 1913 and for fishing vessels registered at Fleetwood from 1884 to 1914.

The records include details of the ships (registered port number, name and owner), crew roles, name, surname, age or date of birth, place of birth, year of the crew list they appeared on and some miscellaneous information.

Other information is held on the crew lists such as previous ship, food allowances, ships regulations for the voyage, rate of pay, who this is paid to – normally the individual, his wife or mother, share of the catch etc but this has not been transcribed and would need to be obtained by a visit to the archives to look at the original documentation.

The documents are held in xx series –

Those prefixed SS1 are records of ocean going vessels.

SS2/1 are predominantly fishing vessels engaged in the fishing trade from Fleetwood. These would cover the English Channel, Bay of Biscay, Western Approaches, Irish Sea, Hebrides, Minches and North Atlantic including Icelandic fishing grounds.

SS2/2 are smaller fishing boats which were required to keep less record details as they were only engaged in local coastal fishing.

Thanks are due to the Family History Federation who made a grant enabling the work to be supported by an archivist and thanks also to Lancashire Archives for permission to make all this information available on our website.


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