LFHHS Name Search

Over the last forty years LFHHS members have transcribed millions of records which have then been published on microfiche, in booklets, on websites and on CDs.

This list will become the central index to find where a given name can be found and then to provide details of how the record can be accessed whether on fiche, CD, book or website.

It does not replace the existing record but it will provide a lead to what records we have for a given name and where the information can be found.

As a first step we are adding our CDs then other sources will follow. We expect it will be a work in progress for several years.

As a first step to give you a flavour of how it will appear we have added in Lower Darwen, St James Monumental Inscriptions (CD027).

We hope that you will find the information useful in tracing your ancestors.


The search routine is capable of supporting searches including wildcards (and substrings) such as “*” or “?” so searching for “Cap*” will display instances of “Capstan”, “Cape” or “Capital” for instance and search for “Cap?” would similarly display “Cape”.

Names With Apostrophes

If the name you are looking for has an apostrophe e.g. O Toole O Rourke etc the system does not recognise them so just put OToole or ORourke without either an apostrophe or a space.

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