LFHHS Former Lancaster Projects

The Names included in the Projects Archives

The Projects Archives cover some fifty eight projects originally undertaken by the “Dead Club” of the Lancaster & Morecambe Branch between 1989 and 2009 led by the late Peter Joslin. Graveyards and cemeteries in the vicinity were transcribed and images taken of the gravestones and other monuments.

At the moment the search is restricted to surname and forename but in due course will be extended to also allow search by location.


The search routine is capable of supporting searches including wildcards (and substrings) such as “*” or “?” so searching for “Cap*” will display instances of “Capstan”, “Cape” or “Capital” for instance and search for “Cap?” would similarly display “Cape”.

Names With Apostrophes

If the name you are looking for has an apostrophe e.g. O Toole O Rourke etc the system does not recognise them so just put OToole or ORourke without either an apostrophe or a space.

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